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Adme shopy is a pioneering company in the field of e-commerce.It facilitates e-commerce across Kerala headquartered in Calicut,cyberpark.The brand has been built of years of commitment and dedication of its founders. It evolves out of the idea of Farsana and Shabeeena who started their career as home bakers.Today we continue to seek exceptional candidates to bring more flavours in cake.We offer you with strong partnership , strong branding and collaboration. If you share your passion for cakes, it is the time to join with us.

Adme shopy is a global marketplace of precisely crafted essentials on demand applications, built with superior quality and customer focused user experience. It offers a one step solution for order management via the customer mobile application for users to order their favourite cakes and vendor apps for our vendors with a delivery mobile application. We handle everything from marketing to payment. Adme Shopy is the fastest,easy and comfortable method to order.

Adme Shopy is going to be your go to go choice when it comes to cake buying. So if you are preparing for any upcoming festivity, Adme Shopy is surely going to be your first choice. Adme Shopy serves across fourteen districts in Kerala. You can buy 100+ varieties of just baked cakes and chocolates through our app and outlet including raffaello cake, coffee chocolate cake, cheese frosting and many more.


Adme shopy passionately strives to be largest premium cake sellers and gifting leaders.We focus on sales of cakes and chocolates.We stand for:

  • Customer centricity
  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Accountability


Adme shopy is a committed team of talented individuals who provide superior quality cakes and chocolates. Our goal is to provide all of our customers with an unparalleled product experience. Our talented home bakers use the purest of ingredients. We constantly provide outstanding customer service and do believe customer satisfaction and vendor satisfaction is our ultimate aim. We are dedicated to provide our family of employees with a respectful and positive work environment where everyone is equal. Our foremost mission is to provide convenience to the customers followed by the best value for money backed by quality and satisfaction.



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